This Ladybug Imposter Is Not Your Friend, They Pack a Nasty Bite

Hot Summer Sees Sharp Rise In Harlequin Ladybird Numbers

Hot Summer Sees Sharp Rise In Harlequin Ladybird Numbers

These are not your everyday friendly ladybug... These ladybug imposters look just like the real deal but in fact pack a nasty bite.

This is the multicolored Asian Lady Beetle and they will probably bite and leave a nasty yellowish chemical, that they use as a defense mechanism. The chemical has an odor and can cause an allergic reaction.

Luckily, there is a pretty easy way to tell them apart from the native and generally harmless ladybug. Asian Lady Beetles are slightly large and have a signature "M" marking on the top of their head.

During the winter, these Lady Beetles will hibernate in your walls in large numbers and won't emerge until the spring time. If you come across them in your home, don't sweep them up or agitate them because they will start giving off that harmful smelly chemical in your house.

Now I have the feeling of bugs crawling on me...


Photo: Getty Images

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