Duryan Misses NOTHING - Stinger

USA, Maine, Hope, Beekeeper holding honey bee

I got a lil' stinger, for your face!

A anonymous mom, who has the worlds worst luck ever, just got home after picking up her son from daycare.

The exact moment when she got out of the car, a powerful gust of wind knocked a “basketball-sized” bee hive from a tree, falling directly on her head!

“Yes, it fell directly on my head. I heard it explode on my head.” she said. The hive released 100’s of bees that stung the woman all over her body, over 30 times.

She was stung on her head, face, shoulders, arms and fingers. After the hospital visit, she’s doing fine. No one else was injured.

And for the bees... firefighters lit up the hive with foam, slaughtering all of the innocent bees.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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