Popular Mom Blogger Sells $175 Parenting Course, Receives Backlash

A mom influencer is receiving heavy criticism for her online parenting course!

@courtneyadamo has about 250k Instagram followers and is known for her lifestyle of raising her children and taking care of her family all while traveling abroad.

The course promises to be full of "tips & tricks" she's learned, interviews, how-tos, her favorite products and more.

Critics are saying that what she's selling isn't necessarily a product and that is isn't realistic to try and sell a lifestyle that for most people may be unattainable.

Supporters obviously see the value enough to support her or are just curious to see what she's offering!

What do you think? I say if someone will buy it, why not!

Read More: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/tanyachen/mommy-influencer-courtney-adamo-defending-her-online

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