OH HELL NAH!!!! 4-Foot Python Pops Out of Toilet, Bites Man on Arm

If you had to guess, just from reading the title, what state do you think this happened? If you guess Florida, you would be absolutely....CORRECT!!! Hearing about this story gave me anxiety so I could only imagine for the man what this did to the man caught with his pants down around his ankles!

This was a mere nightmare for this particular Florida man. The Coral Springs resident was just bitten on the arm and, maybe, suffered some creepy slithering up his naked thighs.Oh, what horrors could have been when a 4-foot ball python popped out of his toilet and gave him the world’s worst surprise.

The man was especially confused because the snake didn’t belong to him so he had no idea how it got into his apartment. Authorities believe the snake may have belonged to a previous resident of the apartment and escaped at one point. The toilet was a logical hiding place for the snake because the reptiles prefer tight, dark spaces to hide in.

BTW This guy should have gotten his ass whopped! LOL

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