Would you back-stab a stranger for Billie Eilish?

Split or Steal. A game of trust and betrayal.

The idea was simple. We had two pairs of tickets (to her Atlanta show) and two contestants.

The contestants talk to each other and make a plan on what they will choose to do. Each is then placed on hold where they can't hear each other's final choice.

If both contestants choose split, they both walk away with two tickets!

If one contestant chooses split and the other steal, the stealer get's everything!

If both contestants choose steal, they both leave empty handed.

I'm still in disbelief that she LIED over ONE ticket. Reaction on Twitter was priceless (see below).

Also- I honesty think the only way to play this game is by choosing steal. It's the only logical choice because you never can control what the other person will do.

Want in the next round? Email us here and listen in the morning as we are always coming up with new fun ways to get you to the best shows!

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