United Airlines Accidentally Puts Unaccompanied Minor on Wrong Int'l Flight

I don't know how I feel about sending an unaccompanied minor on plane flights let alone it is an international flight! There are so many things happening in society these days that I don't know if I trust humanity enough with the responsibility to take care of something I love with all my heart!

That being said I remember being 13/14 and the sense of independence and the responsibility I thought I exuded. I think that every child is a case by case bases because ALL kids are not the same the level maturity is to be taken into consideration. So probably I would put my child on a plane flight that was less than 5 hours. This is situation is something totally different, I don't care how mature my child thinks they are, I am not putting them on a plane by themselves to another COUNTRY!!! What are people thinking?

Well that is exactly what happened here and reading this story understanding that I don't even have kids still gave me the biggest panic attack! LAWDD!!!!!

United Airlines put a 14-year-old boy on a wrong INTERNATIONAL flight. Yes, a Raleigh, North Carolina mother, Brenda Berg, arranged for her son to take a flight to Sweden by himself, thinking he would be okay. She initially had paid the fee to have someone from United Airlines supervise the unaccompanied minor, thinking he was in good hands. But, that wasn’t the case.

Anton apparently called her from his layover saying he was put on a plan to Germany, more than 800 miles away from his intended destination!

He was first on a United Airlines flight from Raleigh to Newark, where he had a layover. Once in Newark, United Airlines employees were supposed to walk him to his gate to board the last flight. Berg’s son walked to the gate, but his flight had moved to another gate. The employee apparently didn’t know his flight was moved, and let the boy get on the plane at the gate which was headed to Düsseldorf, Germany.

Could you imagine the terror when your child calls you and tells you he or she is in the wrong COUNTRY!!!

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