Woman Ate Half A Cake While In Walmart Then Refused To Pay For It!

I will admit that when shopping I get a little hungry and there is nothing worst especially walking by the Publix's deli section on an empty stomach! Let me tell you something, Publix's chicken and fried fish are something crave! Like for real! I have occasionally caught people sampling products as they stroll through the isles. I don't because I think that that is technically stealing but I don't judge you do you. When I say sampling I have seen older people trying a few grapes but this woman took it to the next level at her local Wal-mart!

Also to be fair when I heard this story I thought instantly that this definitely something I could see happening in Wal-mart!

Basically, this woman decided to go to a Walmart and grab a cake from the bakery and walk around the whole store calmly eating it. When she arrived at the register, cops were called because well, I’m pretty sure this woman was yelling that she just wanted to pay for what was left of the cake.

So, when Wichita Falls police arrived, she was forced to pay for the whole cake and was ultimately banned from the store after attempting to get an unfair discount. Walmart was not having it one bit.

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