Man Too Drunk, Sends Injured Baby Bird to Rescue Center in Uber

Ironically while reading this story it is National Pina Colada Day, according to reports, a drunk man found an injured baby bird on the sidewalk. Like many, I am sure he was taken aback by the fact that he found a baby bird and secondly, the adorableness of the bird with the combination of the fact the guy was a little drunk he fell in love with the little guy.

The cool part about this story is this man wanted to do something to help his new feathery little friend but was too drunk to drive and take the little guy to get the proper help it deserved. Now what do you do? You are too drunk to drive and this little baby bird needs your help, you call Uber!!

I could only imagine the look on the face of the Uber driver when they come to pick up the man only to find out they are taking a bird to the animal hospital that is an HOUR away! LOL

An hour later the baby bird showed up the wildlife center to be treated for dehydration and a little malnourishment. The wildlife center took to Facebook to post about the baby bird’s drunken guardian angel.

The Wildlife Rehab Center took to Facebook to thank their drunken guardian angel!

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