The REAL TRUTH - Baker Who Mistook 'Moana' for 'Marijuana' Speaks Out

Going VIRAL on social media for some is GREAT - but others not so much ... especially when it comes to an honest mistake and losing your job.

By now I am sure you've seen the mix-up at a Milledgeville Dairy Queen, where Cassandra Walker, mistook "Moana" for 'Marijuana' ... but we spoke to Cassandra on PK in the Morning show and that was not the full story - AT ALL.

We found out it was a BIG miscommunication between Cassandra and her manager at Dairy Queen that approved the cake.

Cassandra via phone told PK that a customer ordered a "Moana" cake for her daughters 25th birthday, BUT when they spoke to the local Dairy Queen with the order, whomever took that order heard "marijuana" instead.

What's INSANE is that the images were even approved by her manager...Cassandra was so excited to share the cake with the customers; thinking they would be blown away! AND the sisters actually we're in awe over the cake, and even shared a laugh.

It wasn't until the mom called back to Cassandra that they realized the mistake. And where you'd usually laugh and move on, due to the story going viral Cassandra lost her job.

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