A Serial Public Pooper is Literally Ruining a Town’s Summer

A serial pooper has shut down a community pool in Macomb Township, Michigan because he or she (let’s be real, he) won’t stop dropping deuces in it. To the point where cleaning the pool every time he does it just isn’t feasible. So the pool just shut down.

But the pool closing isn’t even the worst consequence of this selfish maniac’s disruptive dumps. Because he’s been pooping in the pool so much, the town has had to hire a second pool attendant for when the pool does re-open, so they can get some extra eyes on the lookout for the yet-to-be-found public pooper who keeps turning the town’s summertime cool-off spot into his giant personal toilet. So, because of the extra salary required to stop someone from shitting in the public pool, the town can no longer afford to put on the summer carnival they were planning.

Since these lovely people can't enjoy their pool time at least they can laugh at other people doing it wrong! Check out the video above for great laughs!

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