Back to school in STYLE: Skylar!

We at PK in the Morning know what a drag the first day of school can be. Just think about it- summer is done, homework won't let you live (neither will the curfew), waking up before 11, common core math scrambling your brain, it's just all types of nightmare fuel. And that's exactly why we decided to drive you in a convertible Porsche Carrera (also on the radio so you can brag about it later). It's our way of getting you started on a positive note. Get the people talking. And if anyone asks about your ride the rest of the year, tell them your mom took your license because you're too fast and too furious. Or that you hit a trashcan panda and it's in the shop. You're creative. I know you got this. 

Disclaimer: School's important and I'm somewhat joking about today sucking. Finish school. Don't end up like Duryan

Want us to drive you? Listen to PK in the Morning on Power 96.1. Also e-mail us so we know. It's:

Good luck Skylar! We know you got this! 

As always, a HUGE thank you to the ones behind the scenes who really make it happen: 

-Porsche Atlanta Perimeter, “where you can always expect the best”

-Plato's Closet: Brand Name Gently Used Clothing Stores

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