Are You The 'Biggest, Most Die Hard, #1 Fan On The Planet' - #JonasBrothers

Dear 'biggest, most die hard, number one fans on the planet'

I see you. I hear you. You have been tweeting, calling, e-mailing. One of you even texted my cell. How's that even possible?! I see the notes of love and years of dedication. I respect you friends. I see the old school bedroom pictures with the posters. The ticket stubs. 

There's just one tiny problem.  

The 'biggest, most die hard, number one fan on the planet', by definition, is just that. ONE person. Not two or three or twelve. ONE. So let's find out if that's really you. Because if it is, I want you in that meet and greet. And I don't just want you in there, I demand it. You see, I don't hook up part time fans. Not on my watch. Not today, not ever.  

So let's settle this-

Two fans, one complete stranger, twenty seconds. Who's the 'biggest, most die hard, number one fans on the planet'?! (We're also doing this all week so yea, I guess it's more like the 'biggest, most die hard, number one through five fans on the planet')

And please stop texting my phone. I only use that to give the robotic IRS man my social security number. 


Listen to win! In Atlanta on Power 96.1

Everywhere else on the iHeart radio app! 

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