PK and Duryan - A real honest debate on 'Area 51' that WILL blow your mind.

FIRST THING FIRST: There's adult language. This was an off air conversation and I didn't think we would ever publish it so... my bad. If that's not your thing, don't watch.

With that out of the way, this was a real unplanned conversation/debate about area 51. About 10 minutes in, I thought I should be recording so I turned the cameras on. And if you are wondering, he honestly believes all of this. I swear to you. Maybe you do too. I don't. I am of the belief that there's absolutely ZERO chance that there's aliens at area 51... or anywhere on earth.

The BIG highlight (for me anyway)-

Duryan actually thought earth was the only place with gravity. Bananas. Aren't we born with that knowledge? The Oregon public school system really missed one. And yes, I get it's a mass not size thing. I got excited. 

There's so much more happening that it's hard to even comment. Just watch the video. 

And yes, we are sending Duryan to Storm Area 51. More to come.