Surprising a random house party with 6K in festival tickets!

First, ever wonder what happens to radio station tickets that don't get picked up? They usually go to staff or just sit there. Eventually, they end up in the trash. We figured that's a GIANT waste so we drove around town hooking people up. Here's why. A long time ago, Denise and I were in line at the Laugh Factory in L.A. It was a sold out show, no shot of getting in. As we were standing there, someone came up and GAVE US two tickets. It made that entire trip and ever since, we try to always do what we can to pay that forward. 

So today's lesson? Don't act like the idiots from the first house. Sometimes people are just being nice. All we needed was ONE person to be an individual and act interested. Instead, they listened to the show from their lawn as we got our party on with some pretty awesome people down the block. Pretty solid plan of action there. Hope they enjoyed.