What's That Noise Grammy Trip: Wrong Guesses

We're sending one of you to the 62nd annual Grammy Awards on January 26th! Listen for your shot at the trip with What's that Noise at 6:10a, 9:10, and 4:10p. Can you guess the noise? Listen to it here. Then check back daily to see what noises have been guessed.

All the wrong guesses will be listed below:

Monday, January 6th - 6:10AM

Stapler, windshield wiper, shutting car door

Monday, January 6th - 9:10AM

Toy basketball game, opening/closing a door

Monday, January 6th - 4:10PM

Pushing a button

Tuesday, January 7th - 6:10AM

Installing ink cartridge, typewriter

Tuesday, January 7th - 9:10AM

Wooden marionette, tap dancing

Tuesday, January 7th - 4:10PM

Flipping breaker switch

Wednesday, January 8th - 6:10AM

Cards being shuffled

Wednesday, January 8th - 9:10AM

Ping pong, horse hooves

Wednesday, January 8th - 4:10PM


Thursday, January 9th - 6:10AM

Sliding credit card machine, date stamper

Thursday, January 9th - 9:10AM

Military heel tap, popping open a briefcase

Thursday, January 9th - 4:10PM

Button on an old radio or tape player

Friday, January 10th - 6:10AM

Opening/closing a 3-ring binder, clicking a pen

Friday, January 10th - 9:10AM

Opening microwave door, closing lid on coffee pot, locking deadbolt

Friday, January 10th - 4:10PM


Monday, January 13th - 6:10AM

Unlocking car door, car lift

Monday, January 13th - 9:10AM

Hole puncher, pricing gun

Monday, January 13th - 4:10PM

Seatbelt buckle or buckle

Tuesday, January 14th - 6:10AM

BB gun, briefcase

Tuesday, January 14th - 9:10AM

Poking at slime, car window

Tuesday, January 14th - 4:10PM

Joystick on game controller

Wednesday, January 15th - 6:10AM

Grandfather clock, sliding lock on bathroom stall

Wednesday, January 15th - 9:10AM

Car hitting divider / rumble strips or bag shag (golf ball retrieving device)

Wednesday, January 15th - 4:10PM

Bag clip

Thursday, January 16th - 6:10AM

Pressing play on tape recorder, starting engine (or turning over engine)

Thursday, January 16th - 9:10AM

Flipping notepad, pop-o-matic from the game Trouble

Thursday, January 16th - 4:10PM

Opening a door and the lock clicking open

Friday, January 17th - 6:10AM

Deadbolt, hole puncher, picking up phone, polaroid camera

Friday, January 17th - 9:10AM


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