'The Duryan 3000' spots SNOW in Atlanta!

Our human doppler weather radar, 'The Duryan 3000' TM spots accumulation on a random pillow and over Piedmont Park! 

Remember, we are home to the ONLY human doppler weather radar, 'The Duryan 3000' tm 

The most reliable, dependable, respectable, impeccable, tried-and-true, unequivocal source for up-to-the-minute weather. When severe weather comes, place your trust in The Duryan 3000! tm 

We don’t rely on stupid machines, only the human factor and that makes us the most dependable storm coverage in the history of the world. If Duryan is still alive, he's snitching on Jesus. Count on it. 


Wake up with us Atlanta on Power 96.1! 

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