Valentine's Day Myths And What You Should Do Instead !!

PK Valentine's Day

In case you missed the memo Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Well technically on FRIDAY! Studies show V-Day spending is expected to reach an all-time high this year ... on average $196.31...yet there is a bunch we’ve got all wrong about the love holiday.

Here are some of the most common assumptions about how we celebrate February 14th.

Myth: It’s just for people!!!!

It’s not only a time to celebrate your best friend but your four-legged friend as well.

DENISE'S TAKE: You know I always celebrate little KIKI! Well a new survey shows 27% of people celebrating say they’re going to buy a gift for their pets.

In fact, last year we spent 1.7 billion on v-day pet gifts.


  • Do something they love to do
  • Spoil them with a special treat
  • Let them pick out a brand new toy
  • Arrange a play date
  • Have a professional photo shoot

Here are some more ideas HERE

Myth: ‘Galentine’s Day’ is a thing.

“Parks and Rec” fans will remember all the female characters getting together to celebrate friendship instead of their love life. Galentine's Day celebrated on February 13, (the day before Valentine's Day). Since then, the phrase has been popping up everywhere and you may even see it trending as a hashtag. But here’s the thing, it’s actually more of a Male-entine’s Day. While Valentine’s Day spending on friends has nearly tripled since 2010, it’s actually men that are slightly more likely to say they’re getting together with their single friends or family members.

DENISE'S TAKE: YOU and all your girls can go out the night BEFORE or the DAY of or WEEKEND of Valentine's Day! No shame at all ... if you have your group of core girls, make it a girls night, anytime! Modern women rock!

Myth: It’s what’s in the box that counts.

Even though people are still buying up traditional Valentine’s gifts like jewelry, candy, and flowers, we’re also spending more on experiences. So don’t be surprised if you open up what you think is a ring box only to find two tickets to a cheese making class instead.

DENISE'S TAKE: You know our motto is "Live A Great Story" so I do fully believe an experience of some kind is way better than a box of chocolates (though candy is always nice!) ... here is a video PK did a few years back; our holiday was spent eating crawfish for Mardi Gras and he put this video together that still do this date makes me tear up! What can I say... I am a softie for love!

We want you to join us for our #HookuporHangup Happy Hour this Friday, Valentine's Day! We all deserve a great time and some big hugs on this "love holiday" so check out the link below, and see you on Friday!


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