VIDEO: Join Us At 8PM In Your Neighborhood As We Unite And Spread Kindness!

We all know its a little scary during these uncertain times but its up to us to spread a little cheer into our neighborhood! For PK and I we live in midtown and every night at 8PM we gather with our fellow midtown residents and applaud, cheer, ring cow bells and bang pots and pans to show ur appreciation for all those working on the front lines and keeping us going!

Here are a few more ideas;

Christmas In March - For all the people who still haven’t taken down their holiday decorations from December (GUILTY!!) you are in luck. Many people are putting back up their Christmas lights to give some holiday cheer.

Sing your heart out - Incase you haven't seen these viral videos of Italians gathering on their balconies every day to break out into song- check them out, and ask why not try yourself?!

Find a way to celebrate - A lot of very special moments are being canceled or postponed but they really don't have to be ... you can still celebrate VIRTUALLY now, and then again when this is all over!

Did you see the handmade “Honk for the Birthday Boy” sign a four-year-old from Detroit had put up in his yard so other people in the neighborhood could send well wishes with a honk? Beep Beep!!

OR from an elementary school in Missouri City, Texas is doing a "Teacher Parade" where teachers are taking their personal cars to wave at a distance to see all their students!

There are plenty more ways to bring cheer to your neighborhood!

Checkout the full article from Real Simple.

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