North Carolina Farm Rents Mini Donkey & Horse To Crash Virtual Meetings

Every weekday Duryan brings you his news segment, “Duryan Misses Nothing” … a positive story during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yesterday Duryan shared the story of Mambo, the mini donkey and Zeus the horse who makes funny faces …

Randomly during the show (and after Duryan’s segment) we get a call from Francie Dunlap … the owner of Mambo + friends at Peace N Peas Farm in North Carolina.

The two boys got overly excited with the idea that;

  1. Duryan got the interview
  2. They can chat with a mini donkey and horse!

And you can too! Companies can choose other farm animals they want to invite to zoom in and crash their virtual meetings - its at least a great talking piece!

Customers can reserve 10 minutes with the animals for $50.00.

Reserve your meeting HERE

And you know I always am filming for the GRAM! Here's some behind the scenes footage of these two!


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