The Final 8PM Cheers

For EIGHT weeks we came together with countless friends to celebrate our first responders and essential workers. Every-single-night.

We lit Atlanta blue and put hearts in the sky. The Blue Angels and Thunderbirds came by. We danced to Luda as Duryan's hair grew out of control. We laughed and cried as people including the mayor of Atlanta, Luda, countless celebrities (and even more listeners and viewers) joined us to spread love and say 'thank you'. We can't begin to explain how much we appreciate each and every one of you.

So let's do this. One last time.

To all of our essential workers, THANK YOU.

To everyone heading back to work, THANK YOU.

To everyone that joined us, nightly for the past eight weeks, THANK YOU.

From iHeart Radio, PK in the Morning and a few friends.

#iHeartATL #TogetherAtHome

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