Blaze Pizza to Make Its Crusts With White Claw for 1 Day Only

As self-proclaimed food connoisseurs at PK in the Morning this is a MUST TRY for the show!

We've debated thousands of times does pineapple belong on pizza? Answer -YES (for me)

BUT what pizza chain Blaze Pizza is doing sounds crazy!! Blaze Pizza has announced that it will sell White Claw Pizza for one day only this Thursday, June 18, at 40 locations across the U.S. (Check the link here for locations)

The mango flavor of White Claw will be incorporated into the company's pie crusts on that day. Executive chef Brad Kent told People Magazine he was drinking a can of the popular seltzer and, "I thought, 'Why not make dough with this instead of filtered water?'" He also recommends topping White Claw pies with red sauce, mozzarella, jalapeño, roasted red peppers, pineapple, and arugula to bring out the crust's "depth of flavor." 

In addition to the pizza, the chain will sell White Claw at all 300 of its locations. PARTY!!!


Picture by Jerry McCall

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