Charges Filed in Fatal Shooting Rayshard Brooks by Atlanta Police

The Fulton County District Attorney announced in a press conference on Wednesday that former police officer Garrett Rolfe and officer Brosnan will be charged in the fatal shooting of Rayshard Brooks.

Garrett Rolfe has had eleven charges filed against him including Felony Murder and multiple counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Officer Devin Brosnan charges include three counts of aggravated assault and two counts of violating his oath of office. Brosnan is becoming a state witness and will testify in the case against Rolfe.

DA Howard concluded that Brooks was not an immediate threat to the officers when shots were fired. The City of Atlanta says you cannot fire a taser at someone running away. Therefore, you certainly cannot fire a handgun at someone running away.

Rolfe was fired from the force just a day after the shooting took place. Officer Devin Brosnan was put on administrative duty until the investigation could be completed.

Brooks was shot and killed after a struggle with the two officers while being arrested for an alleged DUI. Brooks was fleeing the scene when Rolfe shot him. The autopsy report said Brooks was shot in the back twice which "injured organs and caused significant blood loss."

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