Atlanta Metro Woman Gives Birth To Rare Quadruplets

A mom in Georgia was in for the shock of her life when she found out she was pregnant with quadruplets. Madison Collier says she and her husband, Justin, were only planning to have two kids and wanted to have a sibling for their four-year-old daughter, Isla. But when this mama went in for her eight-week doctor’s appointment in April, the ultrasound technician got quiet while looking at the scan.

Madison was concerned and asked if everything was okay and the tech told her, “Yeah, the baby’s okay … there’s just more than one.” And when they told her she was having four babies, she told him it wasn’t a funny joke. The 33-year-old from Marietta, Georgia, says she started to panic as he counted the babies on the screen for her, but she handled the news better than her husband, who had to lay down afterwards because he was feeling faint. And when big sister Isla heard about it, she happily responded, “Well, that gives me lots of kids to play with.”

The quads were a total surprise since Madison wasn’t on fertility treatments and there’s no family history of multiples. And it is a rare occurrence, the chances of naturally conceiving quadruplets is one in 700-thousand, according to Jackson Health System. The Collier quads were born September 3rd, three months before their due date and they’re all doing well, but the two boys, Calloway and Wilder, and the two girls, Iris and Eliza, will be in the hospital until November.

  • “It’s definitely going to be a wild ride,” the mom of five says. “I think when they come home, it’s going to take an adjustment, but we’ll get it.”

Source:Fox News

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