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Bethenny Frankel is stepping up to help survivors of the “Astroworld” tragedy. The “Real Housewives of New York” star has donated $10,000 to the family of a little boy who was severely injured at Travis Scott’s music festival in Houston, Texas.

Ezra Blount, who’s just nine-years-old, was on his father’s shoulders at the event… and when the crowd started crushing each other, he fell off as his dad passed out. When dad came to, Blount was nowhere to be found, until later when his parents found him at Texas Children’s Hospital with brain trauma, kidney damage, and liver damage from being trampled. Eventually, he was placed into a medically induced coma.

Frankel has announced the donation to Blount’s family on her Instagram story. “Hug your babies… life is short and can change in an instant,” she writes. “It’s not always easy to give them what they want while ensuring their safety. Parenting is an ever changing thing and the world is not the same one we grew up in.”

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If all you want for Christmas is Mariah Carey and McDonald's, you're in luck. She's here to bring 12 days of FREE food with her, quote, "Mariah Menu".

There's only a few small catches . . . the promotion is ONLY available in the McDonald's app . . . and you have to spend at least $1 to be eligible for the free daily item. It'll start on December 13th and run through the 24th.

Some of the "free" items include a Big Mac, apple pie, 6-piece chicken McNuggets, and breakfast items like pancakes and a sausage egg McMuffin. Each day has a designated item. Items ordered from the menu will come in special packaging that is, quote, "inspired by Mariah's love for the holidays and chic style."

Mariah said, quote, "Some of my favorite memories with my kids are our family trips to McDonald's, and of course, each of us has our go-to order. Mine is the cheeseburger, and I get it with extra pickles . . .

"Bringing together some of our favorite food from McDonald's with my all-time favorite season is a holiday wish come true."



The first lawsuit has been filed in the wake of the “Rust” shooting.Serge Svetnoy, the key gaffer on the set claims that the negligence of Alec Baldwin, head armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, and assistant director Dave Halls– among others – caused him severe emotional distress in the aftermath.

Serge says that the bullet that struck both Halyna Hutchins and director Joel Souza almost hit him, too. He was also the first person to tend to the cinematographer in her final moments. He’d known her for five years and considered her a good friend.

Alec is being sued as one of the producers. Serge claims that he should’ve checked the gun after Halls gave it to him. In addition, he and the other producers attempted to save money by hiring an insufficient number of crew members to safely handle the props and firearms. Also, the suit goes on to claim there were other lapses on the set, including violating industry norms, declining requests for weapons training days, failing to allow proper time to allow for gunfire, failing to send out safety bulletins, and spreading the staff too thin. Serge is asking for damages and a jury trial. 

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