The Sauce, With Sos 1/10/22


"Full House" patriarch Bob Saget has died at 65. The man credited as being the “America’s Dad of the 90s” was found unresponsive in an Orlando hotel yesterday afternoon. While the circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear, officials have said an autopsy will determine Saget’s cause of death.

“Detectives have found no signs of foul play or drug use in this case,” the Orange County Sheriff's Office said in a statement. “This is all the information we have for release at this time and we do not anticipate further updates. The Medical Examiner’s Office will ultimately determine cause and manner of death."

While many know Saget for his ‘family friendly’ small screen work, he also had quite a resume of more ‘adult’ material - and a career that spanned four decades. He was also well known and beloved on the stand-up comedy circuit – something he’d recently returned to. In fact, he tweeted about his joy at returning to stand-up early yesterday morning.

Source:NBC News


As I previously told you, The Weeknd dropped his new album “Dawn FM” on Friday, and some fans think he is confirming rumors about his relationship with Angelina Jolie in one of the songs.

In the tune “Here We Go… Again,” he sings “My new girl, she’s a movie star,” adding, “I loved her right / Make her scream like Neve Campbell.” 

The lyrics continue, “But I make her laugh / Swear it cures my depressing thoughts / ‘Cause, baby girl, she a movie star / Baby girl, she a movie star,” adding, “I told myself that I’d never fall / But here we go again.”

Source:New York Post


JoJo Siwa called a 5-year-old cancer patient, Blakely Bergenfeld, giving her encouraging words before she went into surgery. Not only did she tell her she was going to kick cancer's butt and that everything would work out, but she also answered all of Blakely's questions. JoJo even offered to help the family pay for the medical expenses.

"Dance Moms" star Kira Girard and her husband are close friends with Blakely's parents, Jason and Kimberly Bergenfeld,which is how JoJo found out about it. Blakely has been a JoJo superfan for a while. She was even supposed to meet JoJo at the Nickelodeon awards last March but then it was cancelled because of COVID-19. JoJo wanted to reach out to her before her surgery, and she did just that. 

Blakley's diagnosis not only came as a shock, but it was super sudden, after getting fevers and headaches during a family ski trip. After a bunch of tests, doctors found cancer in her kidney. The surgery JoJo gave well wishes for was to remove a giant tumor on her kidney, and thankfully, it went better than planned. There's still a road to recovery for Blakely, but she's taken the first step, all with JoJo's support.

Source: TMZ

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