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Kourtney & Travis Got Married In Vegas

Are congratulations in order for Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker? We’re not quite sure. The two reportedly tied the knot during their time in Las Vegas for the Grammys. They exchanged vows at the One Love Wedding Chapel in the wee hours of Monday after he performed at the ceremony. 

Word has that Kravis wouldn’t allow the venue to take pictures. Instead, they brought their own photographer and security. They also allegedly had a marriage license and presented it to the chapel's owner, who was also a witness.

Now here’s the rub – sources are saying that the marriage isn’t legal. The dispute is over the license. Without it, the marriage isn’t legal. Even though TMZ initially said they had one, Page Six said that they didn’t. And according to Clark County records for marriage licenses and certificates, the reality star and Mr. Blink-182 didn’t apply for or receive one. Naturally, their reps haven’t commented on the situation. 

In their haste to make their love official, Kourtney and Travis didn’t sign a prenup. They had started to work on it, but nothing had been signed. For the record, she’s worth an estimated $65 million and he’s got about $50 million. The plan now is for them to sign a postnup, which will make sure that what they bring into the marriage stays as separate property.

Source: TMZ

Shawn Mendes Insists He’s Still “Friendly” With Camila Cabello

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello may have called it quits back in November, but Shawn insists they are still on good terms. 

"[We're] so friendly,” he tells “On Air with Ryan Seacrest,” “I mean, I loved Camila first for so many years and that's never gonna change.” 

Shawn says his new single “When You’re Gone” was written a month after the breakup, and it helped him to heal.

"I think it's really just the processing and the complexities of that, the complexities of knowing something is better and still wanting to hold on and all the reasons why," he shares. "I'm really glad to be able to just be real and authentic with my music because it's cathartic for me too, to be able to write about these things."

And while he admits the idea of a breakup can be scary, he notes, "I think a breakup can be a blessing too, because it can really show you that you are [strong enough], which is necessary.”

Source: On Air With Ryan Seacrest

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