Braves Fans Spend The Most Money On What?!

MLB's Opening Day is TODAY, which means fans of all teams believe there's at least a SMALL chance this could be a magical year. Well, except the sad fans in Oakland, where they've traded EVERYONE away.

 Which is why it isn't shocking to hear that A's fans drink . . . a LOT . . . at games.

 In a new survey from FinanceBuzz, the average Oakland A's fan spends roughly $58 on alcohol while at a game, which is more than any other team.

St. Louis Cardinals fans are second with a booze spend of $43 . . . followed by fans of the Texas Rangers ($42), the Chicago Cubs ($40), and the Chicago White Sox ($39). The league average is $27.77.

 Detroit Tigers fans spend the LEAST on alcohol at $15 per game. Tigers fans also spend the least on concessions as a whole, at "just" $52.

As for team merchandise and gear, the Atlanta Braves are #1, which might be correlated to their epic World Series run last year. Washington Nationals fans drop the second-most on gear. They won the World Series in 2019.

The biggest spenders on concessions are in the Bay Area: Oakland A's fans drop the most, $134 per game . . . followed by fans of the San Francisco Giants ($110), the L.A. Angels ($107), the Texas Rangers ($99), and the L.A. Dodgers ($98). 

 The league average for in-stadium food and drinks is $74.40.

Fans of the Houston Astros spend the LEAST on merch, possibly because the Astros brand took a big PR hit with that cheating scandal a couple years ago.

 Pittsburgh Pirates fans spend the second-least on gear. Which is appropriate . . . even the ownership of the Pirates isn't willing to invest in the team. 

 Interestingly, fans of the Toronto Blue Jays spend the third-least, but there's a chance that surges this year. The Blue Jays are one of the favorites to win the World Series.

 The average fan spends $168.74 on merchandise annually.


(Finance Buzz)

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