The Sauce, With Sos 4/7/22

Did Coachella Try to Stiff Its New Headliner, The Weeknd?

As you've probably heard by now, Coachella found not one, but TWO replacements for Kanye's headlining Swedish House Mafia and The Weeknd.

 Well, apparently the organizers weren't intending on spending the same amount. A source says Kanye was supposed to earn $8 million, plus a $500,000 production fee. But they only offered The Weeknd "a few million." So, The Weeknd found out and threatened to drop out of the show.

 There's no word exactly how Ye's space is being divided. Do they each share his stage, but get short set times? Do they get their own stage? Are they performing TOGETHER? Also . . . how much is Swedish House Mafia being paid?

 (Page Six)

Chris Rock Refusing To Address Will Smith in Surprise Comedy Show

Chris Rock did a surprise set at the Comedy Cellar in New York City earlier this week. He kicked it off by telling the crowd that he would NOT be talking about the slap. 

The comedian set them straight from the jump. “He literally only addressed it as the the crowd was going wild for his surprise appearance, and he got on stage and said, ‘Lower your expectations. I’m not going to address that s–t,'” an eyewitness said.

Apparently Chris wanted to workshop his material because of “all the sudden people cared about his early shows.”

Source: Page Six

The Court Says Ed Sheeran Didn't Steal "Shape of You"

Ed Sheeran did NOT steal "Shape of You". A court ruled yesterday that the song wasn't plagiarized from a 2015 track called "Oh Why" by Sami Switch.

After the ruling, Ed made a video, complaining that these types of lawsuits are happening way too often these days. Quote, "Whilst we're obviously happy with the result, I feel like claims like this are way too common now . . . 

"And have become a culture where a claim is made with the idea that a settlement will be cheaper than taking it to court, even if there is no basis for the claim. It's really damaging to the songwriting industry." 

(Hollywood Reporter)

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