The Sauce, With Sos 4/8/22

Massive Ring On THAT Finger Sparks J-Lo Engagement Rumors

Is a trip down the aisle in the cards for Bennifer 2.0? We’re not sure, but the rock Jennifer Lopez was sporting on THAT finger – and what she did with it – is raising suspicions.

The possible future Mrs. Ben Affleck and her daughter, Emme, were spotted furniture shopping earlier this week. A photo from TMZ shows what looks like a diamond on her left ring finger. Here’s what set the whole thing off…when she realized that a photographer possibly got a shot of the ring, she appeared to flip the ring to hide the diamond side in her hand as she exited the store. 

If, in fact, J-Lo and Ben really are engaged, we’ll offer congratulations when they confirm the news.

Source: TMZ

Jena Malone Marshals A "Citizens Arrest' Over Abused Pooch

Thanks to Jena Malone, an innocent dog was saved from an abusive situation on the side of the road in Los Angeles. The “Hunger Games” star, along with other bystanders, gave the abuser a brutal beatdown. 

The incident occurred near Sunset Boulevard earlier this week. After Jena and the others witnessed the attack on Champ, she chased the man as he abused the dog. Five men joined in, kicking him relentlessly before restraining the abuser. Cops eventually showed up, taking the dog to an animal hospital. Champ suffered from a fractured rib, broken bones in his hind legs, and a fracture in the right paw. 

For the record, the man abusing Champ wasn’t his owner. The dog – who was reunited with his family courtesy of a microchip – is still in the hospital and will be undergoing surgery. A GoFundMe has been created for the family’s medical bills that hit their $10-thousand goal in under 24 hours.

Source: TMZ

Did Will Smith Check Into a Luxury Rehab Clinic?

This isn't official or anything, but the not-always-reliable British tabloids say that WILL SMITH has checked himself into a luxury rehab clinic, to get help and . . . more cynically . . . save his brand.

A source says, quote, "The impact of the backlash has hit Will hard, so he will be getting help on dealing with stress.

"This is unquestionably the battle of his career. It will be a high-end retreat used by the rich and famous and he will be doing a lot of soul searching and working out how he can move forward."

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is holding a meeting TODAY to decide if they should discipline him.


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