The Sauce, With Sos 4/25/22

Milani Cosmetics Caught Amber Heard Lying About Johnny Depp Bruises

Last week in the Johnny Depp / Amber Heard trial, Amber's attorney claimed that Amber carried a concealer palette from Milani Cosmetics during the ENTIRE relationship to cover bruises Johnny caused.

Well ladies and gentlemen, Milani Cosmetics has entered the chat to call Amber out. They posted a TikTok from their headquarters and said, quote, "You asked us . . . let the record show that our Correcting Kit launched in 2017!"

The video shows a catalog with the release date . . . while the song "International Super Spy" from the cartoon "The Backyardigans" is played in the background.  (Here is another TikTok where a user explained the events.)

 Johnny and Amber's relationship ended in 2016, so there's no way Amber was carrying around this drugstore makeup palette . . . unless she's some kind of time traveler. 

(NY Post)

Tyson Punching Victim Hires A Lawyer

Here's one we never saw coming – wink, wink. Melvin Townsend the Third – the man who was punched by Mike Tyson on an airplane last week – has hired a lawyer.

According to Matt Morgan, Townsend’s lawyer, his client is a huge Tyson fan who got overly excited. “At first, their interaction was cordial,” Matt said. “At a certain point, Mr. Tyson clearly became agitated by an overly excited fan and began to strike him in an excessive manner," noting, "This situation could have been avoided simply by contacting the flight attendant. Our client denies throwing a water bottle prior to being struck by Mr. Tyson.” He went on to say that Mike – “one of the greatest fighters of all time” – should have exercised greater restraint.

A source connected Townsend says he’s still in shock and is trying to figure out his next move. “He hired counsel due to his physical injuries, the overwhelming nature of this event, and the associated media inquiries,” the insider said. So far, Mike hasn’t commented on this situation.

Source: TMZ

Britney Spears’ Ex Denies Her Latest Accusation; Brit Taking Social Media Break

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Britney Spears seemed to hit out at her ex, Kevin Federline, and he is fighting back against her accusations. 

“My ex-husband wouldn’t see me when I flew to New York with a baby inside me and Las Vegas when he was shooting a video !!!,” she wrote in the post.

Well, K-Fed was quick to deny the accusations. His attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan tells TMZ, “That story about Kevin in Las Vegas and Britney is completely erroneous, and he's not going to stand by and let that story besmirch what he did and his support of her back in the day,” adding, “She should be very careful about pursuing a dialogue that's based on revisionist history."

  • ONE MORE THING! Britney has been posting on social media a lot lately, but that's about to stop, at least for a little while. The singer announced in a post, "I’m going on a social media hiatus for a little while 📱 !!! I send my love and God bless you all." Check out the announcement to the right.

Source: TMZ

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