Atlanta Suburb Among 'Hottest Housing Markets' In America

Homes in a row

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What defines a booming suburb? Be it the proximity to local schools, safety rating, or abundance of jobs; there is always a factor that draws someone into a suburb. This particular Atlanta suburb is one of the 'hottest markets' in the nation as houses are put up for sale and are quickly snatched off of the market. According to 11Alive, Johns Creek is one of the top seven most popular housing markets in the entire country.

So what makes Johns Creek such a hot market? The area has an abundance of schools and offers a great quality of life to its residence. There is a lot to do and see, and it is a safe neighborhood.

11Alive mentioned that the median price for homes in the suburb is around $661,000 which is nearly 70% more expensive than the state median. However, the square footage of the houses in Johns Creek are larger than those in other suburbs, with houses selling at a cheaper price point.

Though the housing market in Johns Creek is booming more than ever before, local managing broker Bill Rawlings said it is more so the entire Northern region of the state.

"The general area, absolutely," he shared with 11Alive.

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