This Is The Best Place To Hunt For Records In Georgia

Teenage girl in record store shopping for music

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Hunting for records should be considered as a professional sport. There is a lot of consideration that goes into finding the perfect record to add to your collection. The condition of the record, the genre, and the price are just a few factors that go into finding the best of the best. Though Georgia is filled with great record stores, only one can be the best place to hunt for records.

According to a list compiled by Livabilty, Athens, Georgia is one of the best places to hunt for records in the country. The best record store in all of Athens is Kindercore Vinyl. This store is known for the wide variety of genres that it houses as well as its global record donations.

Here is what Livability had to say about the best record store in all of Georgia:

"Georgia is home to some incredible music — the B-52s and Gladys Knight are just two of the remarkably diverse artists who hail from this corner of the country. In addition to boasting tons of places to shop for records, it’s also a place that helps stock the vinyl bins across the world. Kindercore Vinyl, in Athens, started in the ’90s when its two founders wanted to document all the musical happenings in Georgia at the time, and they’ve been doing it ever since for artists all over the place."

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