Demi Lovato Teases Lyrics To Another New Song

Photo: Getty Images

Demi Lovato teased new song lyrics on Twitter on Monday evening (June 27) and fans are freaking out.

The singer wrote on Twitter: "Think we might be crashing/Everyone’s laughing/Time is just passing/Yet nothing lasts." Fans quickly responded with theories that a new song is coming soon and guessed which song it might be out of the many they have teased on social media so far. One fan guessed, "'Eat Me' with Royal and the Serpent on Thursday? 👀" while another guessed "Come together????" The new single will be the followed up to "Skin Of My Teeth" which dropped on June 10.

“I’m alive by the skin of my teeth / I survived but it got harder to breathe / Asking ‘why’ doesn’t make it easier / Go easier on me / Goddamnit I just want to be free,” they sing in the chorus.

See the tweet below.

Earlier this month, Demi revealed that their eighth studio album HOLY FVCK is set to release on August 19. The upcoming album will be 16 tracks long and is "a sonic journey grounded in Demi’s rock and pop-punk roots and illustrates an earnest yet tongue-in-cheek retrospective of their life experiences," according to a press release.

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