The Sauce, With Sos 6/27/22

Shaq Donates $50k Of Buffalo DJ Gig To Shooting Victim's Family

Shaquille O’Neal is generous to a fault. He recently donated the $50-thousand he got from a DJ-ing gig in Buffalo to the family of one of the victims of last month’s mass shooting that left ten people dead in a vile hate crime. 

The NBA Hall of Famer met with Aaron Salter Jr’s widow and son. He was the retired police officer who was shot and killed while trying to stop the gunman from killing more people inside Tops supermarket.

This comes on the heels of Shaq picking up the tab for an entire restaurant in New York.

Source: TMZ

J-Hope Becomes First BTS Member To Announce Solo Album

BTS recently announced they were taking a break “to explore some solo projects” and now J-Hope is ready to share his with fans.

The singer is the first BTS member to announce his solo album, “Jack in the Box,” dropping July 15th, with the first, yet-to-be revealed single, coming Friday.

According to a statement, the album “represents [J-Hope’s] aspirations to break the mold and grow further.,” adding it will include “diverse content to show J-Hope’s creative identity as an artist will be introduced.” 

Source: Billboard

Bam Margera Is Missing Again

Two weeks ago, Bam Margera left his court-ordered treatment facility before returning a few days later. Now he’s gone again. Law enforcement sources are telling TMZ that he was last spotted in Deerfield Beach, Florida after leaving the LifeSkills residential facility without permission again. Police are currently searching for Bam, and asking anyone with information as to his whereabouts to call them.

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