4-Year-Old Found Walking Atlanta Street Wearing Only Underwear, Backpack

Red Backpack On Hardwood Floor Against Wall

Photo: Getty Images

Police were patrolling Glenwood Avenue this morning and noticed something, or rather; someone very out of the ordinary casually walking down the Eastside street. According to WSB-TV, there was a four-year-old boy wandering down the city street wearing only his Spiderman-themed underwear. The child was also described as carrying a blue and gray backpack along with him during his trek.

Police reported that the child's name is supposedly Jordan, and they described him to be three feet and five inches tall. The child has brown eyes and brown hair, and there is a chance that his mothers name is Katy.

No information has been released as to where the child was headed and where he was coming from. Police only know the location in which he was found and the information that he provided. WSB-TV stated that the area where the child was found is very busy. There is a plethora of shops, and a Kroger just around the corner. The child was also very close to the Glenwood Park townhome complexes and apartments.

UPDATE: The Atlanta Police Department has just announced that they were able to locate the child's parents, and that the parents are not being charged with any crime.

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