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Judge Rules Britney Spears Won't Sit For Deposition

Britney Spears won’t have to sit for a deposition by father Jamie Spears’ lawyers. The judge in the conservatorship case ruled that any information he needs can be gathered from other sources. Jamie's attorney is confident he’lll be vindicated, and did nothing wrong.

Brit’s lawyer Mathew Rosengart stressed to the judge that she’s has been traumatized by Jamie by his actions for years and putting Britney under oath in a deposition would re-traumatize her…especially since Jamie wanted to do the questioning.

Rosengart says the legal docs and Jamie’s own testimony, plus physical evidence will be enough to prove Brit’s case. The only hiccup? Late word is that Jamie’s lawyer is appealing the decision.

Source: TMZ

Beyoncé's Entire "Renaissance" Album Leaks Early

Looks like Beyoncé’s new album has leaked two days before its official release date. All the tracks from “Renaissance” are online, and CDs are apparently being sold in Europe.

Social media has been abuzz about the situation because it’s rare for anything to come out about Mrs. Carter until SHE wants it to. Remember the surprise release of her self-titled album in 2013? 

At this point, neither Bey nor the album’s distributor, Columbia Records, have commented on the situation. But her loyal fans, also known as the BeyHive, are on the case. They’ve put out an alert to their members to swat down any leaks they see.

Source: Variety

Chris Brown Says He Didn't Bail on Charity Event

Chris Brown is finally responding to LaJuan Bailey’s accusations. As we told you, she claimed that he bailed on a March 19th charity event to benefit survivors of Hurricane Ida and Nicholas in Houston after accepting a $1.1 million performance fee – and wouldn’t give it back.

Breezy’s team disputes LaJuan’s claims. According to a letter his legal team emailed to event organizers on March 17th,Bryson Tiller, who was also to perform at the event, had been removed from the lineup without a viable replacement. Since it was a violation of the contract Chris had in place, he wasn't going to perform. Even though LaJuan said that she didn’t find out until soundcheck on the day of the event, it’s possible that her team knew and didn’t give her the bad news. 

At this point, both sides are in negotiations to settle the matter, with Chris offering to make a six-figure donation to a Houston-based charity. They haven’t reached an agreement yet, but we’ll keep you posted…

Source: TMZ

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