The Sauce, With Sos 8/24/22

CA-based Celebs Busted for Ignoring Drought Restrictions

Environmental scandals among the Hollywood players seems to be a frequent thing; a couple weeks ago it was private jets and carbon footprints. Now it’s celebrities flouting drought restrictions in California.

Among those who were recently sent “notices of exceedance” for their excessive water usage were Kim KardashianKourtney KardashianSylvester StalloneKevin Hart and former NBA star Dwyane Wade. The notices go out when a customer used 150% or more of their monthly water budgets at least four different times.

What comes next for these stars - and lesser-known violators? The district can now install devices on their property that can decrease water pressure in showers, halt sprinklers and other means of forcibly decreasing water usage.

Source: US Magazine

Rihanna Teams With MSCHF for “Ketchup or Makeup” Campaign

Maybe it’s ketchup - or maybe it’s Fenty’s sparkly red “gloss bomb” product. It’s going to cost you $25 to find out. Rihanna is teaming up with New York art collective MSCHF to sell pallets of “Ketchup or Makeup?” for 25 bucks each - and the pallets feature six packets that look like what you get with your fries at the fast food place. You could get six packets of Rihanna’s red lipstick - or six packets of ketchup - or any combination of the two. Fenty posted a photo of a model who may be wearing…either one.

MSCHF is known for weird product drops - this is their 83rd since launching in 2016. Most notably they teamed with Lil Nas X for his infamous “Satan Shoes,” and The Weeknd sold playable MSCHF-designed vinyls made out of saw blades. If you’re looking to gamble, the website went live on Monday and the pallets are available for “a limited time.”

Source: Yahoo

Harry Styles Already Working On New Music

Harry Styles just released his third studio album “Harry’s House” in May and he’s already working on ideas for his next one.

During his “Rolling Stone” cover interview, Harry spoke about his decision to play extended residencies on his North American tour. This, he said, allows him to rent studios in those cities where he can write and record music.

“I’m always writing,” Harry says. “Rolling Stone” then states he’s “already throwing ideas” for the project around with collaborators. “I think all of us are so excited to get back to it, which feels insane because we’ve just put an album out,” Harry added.

Source: Rolling Stone

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