The Sauce, With Sos 8/26/22

Heather Morris Says JLo Cut Dancers Over Their Astrological Signs

“Glee” star Heather Morris worked as a professional dancer for years, and on an episode of the “Just Sayin’ with Justin Mardindale” podcast she claims that Jennifer Lopez once cut dancers after a long day of auditions over their astrological sign.

Morris claims ‘Jenny From The Block’ asked for a show of hands of Virgos, then whispered something to her assistant...and that they were promptly excused. It’s not clear why JLo, who’s a Leo, would have a problem with Virgos…except for the fact that her ex-husband Marc Anthony is one. Commenters on the episode were mixed in their opinions of the story, with one saying “Virgo tend to be highly uncoachable unless they happen to share your vision.”

Okay, but in case you’re curious…turns out the JLo and new hubs Ben Affleck are both Leo suns and Scorpio moons…which astrologers say means they’re destined for wedded bliss!

Source: Instagram/ “Just Sayin’ with Justin Mardindale”

Charli D’Amello Headed To “DWTS” With Her Mom

TikTok star Charli D’Amelio and her mom are both joining season 31 of “Dancing With The Stars,” but not as partners. Production sources on the show have told TMZ that the mother and daughter are separate contestants, competing against each other as well as the rest of the celebs.

Charli has over 145 million followers on TikTok and 49 million on Instagram, and her mom Heidi has 10 million followers on TikTok herself. The rest of the cast hasn’t been announced for season 31 of the show, which will be the first on its new home on the Disney+ streaming platform.

 Source: TMZ

Cops Called For Welfare Check On TikTok Star Gabbie Hanna

Social media star Gabbie Hanna got a visit from the LAPD on Wednesday after posting more than 100 bizarre TikTok videos in the space of 24 hours. According to reports, police were flooded with calls asking them to check on her.

Officials say they brought in a psych team to evaluate Hanna, and they ultimately decided that she “didn’t pose a threat to herself or anyone else” and allowed her to remain in her home. But since then? Hanna hasn't stopped posting

In a video posted yesterday morning, Hanna claimed she was “cuffed and detained by five officers who busted into my house through the back door because I exercised my free speech and religion.” She went on to thank “everyone who called in concern," but has also offered a number of other rants since. At last check, Hanna has 7.6-million followers on her “Trauma Queen” TikTok account..that's up by 100-thousand in the last 24 hours.

Source: Variety

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