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Taylor Swift “Likes” Fan Theory About “Lover” House

Taylor Swift has given her stamp of approval for a fan theory about the “Lover” house that appears in the video for the 2019 album’s title track. 

One fan shared on social media that they believe each room in the house represents one of Taylor’s albums. The post suggested that the house will now be complete with October’s release of “Midnights,” which will represent the sky surrounding the home. 

And apparently the fan theory may be on to something. While Taylor hasn’t outright commented on the post, she did “like” it, suggesting the theory is correct.

Source: Yahoo

Twenty One Pilots’ Tyler Joseph Injured After Slipping On Drumstick

Josh Dun learned that one mistake could lead to a much bigger problem during a Twenty One Pilots show in Cleveland on Tuesday night. The drummer says he dropped one of his drumsticks, and when frontman Tyler Joseph jumped off a platform to run across the stage, Joseph slipped on it.

Joseph reportedly twisted his ankle and sliced his knee open after he stepped on the loose stick, even though he seemed to bounce right back from the slip during the show. An explanation posted by the band from backstage shows Joseph sporting two ice bags and a pained expression.

Source: TMZ

Iggy Azalea Insists She's Not Feuding with Nicki Minaj

The New York Post recently published an article listing the artists they claimed had feuded with Nicki Minaj - and Iggy Azalea has issues with being included on that list. 

Responding to a tweet that linked the article, Iggy responded, "Why am I on this? We've never said anything bad about one another. Y'all weird." The article goes on to "explain" Iggy's inclusion: it claims Iggy insulted Minaj after her 2010 BET Awards performance, and four years later, Nicki cryptically responded to the insult at the 2014 BET's. A twitter user also noted that in a radio station interview, Iggy chose a new Cardi B record over a new Nicki record. Open and shut case, right?

Not for Iggy. "I can like whatever music I want lmaoooooooooo. A song is a song." And then added for good measure: "I'm not part of y'all weirdo lol wars."

Source: Music-News 

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