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Florence Pugh Bails on Promoting "Don't Worry Darling"

The more news we get from behind the scenes of "Don't Worry Darling", the more problematic the whole thing seems. From Shia LeBouf's early exit from the project, to star Florence Pugh seemingly distancing herself from the production, it hasn't been a smooth ride - and we now understand that Pugh will be doing very minimal press to promote the upcoming psychological thriller - and that a feud with director Olivia Wilde may be playing a part. 

While Wilde has had nothing but praise for Pugh in her social media posts regarding the film, Pugh hasn't interacted with any of those posts - and as for promoting the film, posted just one generic teaser on her Instagram. And now we hear that the Venice Film Festival red carpet event and press conference will be the extent of Pugh's promotion of the film.

No one is speaking on the record, and Pugh has a built-in excuse as she is currently in Budapest filming Dune: Part 2, but there have been rumors of friction on the set between Olivia and Florence for some time, and it seems that Pugh is ready to distance herself from "DWD" as quickly as possible.

Source: The Wrap

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Getting Hilariously Trolled Over Latest Split

Twitter trolls have no mercy, and now they’re focused on Leonardo DiCaprio. The news broke on Tuesday that DiCaprio had split from his girlfriend our four years, Camila Morrone, and Twitter users were quick to point out that she just turned 25 in June, with some tweets saying it was “inevitable” that he would break up with her because of her age.

Among the trolls and jokes, Twitter user Sarah Lerner shared a graph of DiCaprio’s age that compared it with the ages of his girlfriends over the years when they broke up. News of the split came after the couple was spotted having a tense conversation on the beach in Malibu in May.

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