The Sauce With Sos 9/6/22

 Britney Spears’ ex-Kevin Federline sat down for an interview with “60 Minutes Australia,” and in it, K-Fed tried to explain why he and the kids are now talking about the pop star.

“I spent the better part of my adult life turning the other cheek in response to attacks on me,” he says. “When our children are attacked, I found the need to set the record straight to be overwhelming,” adding, “I want my sons to have the closest to a normal life that they can possibly have. It will make them better people.”

Also in the interview, K-Fed showed his support for Jamie Spears’ conservatorship of Britney, noting, "100%. I feel like he saved her back then." He insists he “wasn’t involved in any of it,” sharing, "All I know is you have a family that is worried about their daughter, and trying to do whatever they can to help her." He also says his kids are “happy for” their mom that the conservatorship is over, noting, “Because it's not always about what's right. It's about this is what [she] wanted, you know, [she] got.”

  • Brit’s son Jayden is also interviewed and defended his grandfather sharing, "He was trying to be like any father, like pursue his daughter's dream of being a superstar, working and doing all these concerts and performing," adding, "But I think some people are just, like, ceasing to realize how much he cares about her."
  • As for why he and his brother didn’t go to their mom’s wedding, he says, “I'm really happy for them. But, like, I mean ... She didn't invite the whole family, and then if it was going to be me and Preston, like, I don't see how that situation would have ended on good terms.”
  • And Britney certainly is not happy about the things Jayden said in the interview and spoke directly to him in an audio recording posted to social media. "Why my family would have a problem with me doing my own thing, maybe cause I never have," she shared. "So Jayden, as you undermine my behavior like my whole family always has, with 'hope she gets better,' 'I'm praying for her.' Pray for what?" She notes, "Do you guys want me to continue to get better so I can continue to give your dad 40-Grand a month. Or is the reason behind you guys deciding to be hateful because it's actually over in two years and you won't get anything." She called out Jayden and Preston for not really spending time with her when they visited, and for making her shower them with gifts and food. She called Jauden, "just like my other family," noting, "you secretly loved looking at me as something is wrong with me."
  • She ended the message by saying, "I don’t believe in God anymore because of the way my children and my family have treated me,” noting, “There is nothing to believe anymore. I’m an atheist.”

Source: 60 Minutes Australia

Kanye West recently exploded his Instagram page with rants about everything from his children’s school, Pete Davidson, the Kardashian-Jenners, and more, but by Friday they were all gone. It’s not the first time Ye has gone on a rant and then deleted the posts, but this time it was a lot of different rants all in one.

He attacked Gap earlier in the week, but these posts were mostly about his children with Kim Kardashian, including text messages he said were from Kim about the kids where she asked him to “please stop.” He responded with “No. We need to talk in person. You don’t have say so of where the kids go to school. Why you get say? Cause you half-white?”

Kanye also talked about his addiction to pornography, Pete Davidson, and “my brothers” Travis ScottTristan Thompson, and Scott Disick.

Source: People

Harry Styles hit up the Venice Film Festival this week to promote his new movie “Don’t Worry Darling,” and he admits when it comes to acting he’s practically winging it. When asked if he sees any similarities between music and acting he said he actually finds them “to be kind of opposite in a lot of ways.” 

“I think making music is a really personal thing,” he shares. “There’s aspects of acting where you’re drawing from experiences you’ve had but for the most part you’re pretending to play someone else. I think that’s what I find the most fun about it: playing pretend.”

He adds, “I think the fun part is you never know what you’re doing. Music I’ve done for longer, but what I like about acting is I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing.” 

ONE MORE THING! Reports claim that after the screening of the film, which received a five-minute standing ovation, Harry planted a big kiss on his co-star Nick Kroll. The kiss sparked loud screams and applause from the crowd.


Source: New York Post

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