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Ray J Insists Kris Jenner Had Something To Do With Sex Tape

Ray J is calling out Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian over the sex tape sold to Vivid Entertainment. In a 44 minute video, Ray J shows the contract having to do with the video. The doc actually mentions three videos: two shot in Cabo and one in Santa Barbara. He says Kris hand-picked the one where Kim looked the best.

He never says Kris made the deal with Vivid, though. Kris recently did pass a polygraph test about the subject on "The Late Late Show with James Corden." Ray, though, says Kim’s fingerprints are on the original contract for the tapes that he has and her writing is on it.

Interestingly, Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch has said he bought the tape from "a third party." He was never more specific, but did say "We are very confident in our legal position." In California, the people in the tape have to sign off on a an image or video’s distribution.

Source: TMZ

Prince William & Kate Step Out With Harry & Meghan Following Queen’s Death

For the first time since Commonwealth Day on March 9th, Prince WilliamKate MiddletonPrince Harry, and Meghan Markle appeared publicly together at Windsor Castle. The four viewed the massive sea of floral tributes laid outside the castle to honor the late Queen Elizabeth II, chatting and pointing at various tributes.

A palace insider told Page Six “We are all very grateful – both sides putting all things aside for the Queen.” There’s some question about why Meghan didn’t make the trip to Balmoral on Thursday, but a BBC royal expert Nicholas Witchell said, “She might not be terribly warmly welcomed, to be perfectly candid about it.”

One More Thing…

While there may be tensions among the royals, everyone can agree on William and Kate's youngest son Louis’ reaction to the news of the Queen's death was sweet.While talking to a group of children, Kate said that Louis told her “Mommy, don’t worry because she’s now with great-grandpa,” referring to the Queen’s husband Philip who passed away at 99 years old last April.

Source: Page Six

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