Things in Atlanta Only Tourists Do, From An Atlanta Native

TikToker @thisisnotchristy, a local creator born and raised in Atlanta, made a list of the top things ONLY tourists & transplants do here.

In the video, which has 127K views, Christy explains all the things tourists and transplants do in Atlanta.

What do you think are these true?

Visit Woodruff Park

Shop at Ponce City Market

You Spend Too Much Timing Idling in Lenox Square Mall

Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Climate Of Anxiety And Changing Routines In America

Photo: Getty Images

You Go Jogging in Unsafe Places Around Atlanta

Jogging on a summer's day

Photo: Getty Images

Lake Lanier... You know why

lakeside view

Photo: Getty Images

No Spacial Awareness While Riding the MARTA

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