Georgia Has Gotten Worse With COVID-19 Safety, Study Shows

Some states have undoubtedly been better than others when it comes to its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

And unfortunately, Georgia doesn’t appear to rank high on that list.

WalletHub, a personal finance site, analyzed the safest states during the COVID-19 pandemic and released new findings Thursday (April 1).

Here’s what WalletHub’s report reads, in part:

“We’ll only be able to fully get back to life as normal once most of the population is vaccinated against coronavirus, and it will still be months before we can achieve that. The U.S. is picking up speed with vaccination, as around 16% of the population has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (received both doses) as of March 31.”

Researchers considered five “key metrics” when comparing each state and D.C., including rates of COVID-19 transmission, positive testing, hospitals and death, and the portion of eligible people getting the vaccine.

WalletHub’s latest findings are an update to the last ranking in January. At that time, Georgia ranked No. 46.

Thursday’s list shows that the Peach State hasn’t shown much signs of improvement.

Georgia ranks No. 51, according to WalletHub.

Data also show that Georgia is among the states with the lowest vaccination rate, and among the states with the highest death rate.

These are the Top 10 safest states:

  1. Alaska
  2. New Mexico
  3. Hawaii
  4. Maine
  5. North Dakota
  6. Colorado
  7. Vermont
  8. Wyoming
  9. Washington
  10. Rhode Island

See the full list here.

Photo: Getty Images