Here's Why An Atlanta Therapist Is Hitting The Road To Better Serve People

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant big changes for many things, and therapy sessions are no exception.

And now, a psychotherapist in Atlanta is shaking it up even more.

Metta Sweet, who hasn’t met clients in person for more than a year, is moving her office from a building to a twelve-passenger van, Fox 5 Atlanta reports.

It’s Sweet’s plan to use the vehicle to meet clients at home, or anywhere else they like (in addition to continuing the online formats that have become a new normal during the pandemic). She explained to Fox 5 that she aims “to meet people where they are…And I mean literally meet them where they are."

"So, I Iove the independence of that and the metaphor of the road and I’ve named the car the 'Sweet Journey,’” she continued. “This is part of my journey and where I am going to take my clients and invite them to go on their journey in this kind of way."

Sweet offers help with anxiety, depression, relationships, personal discovery and more, according to her website. Clients can book appointments online or call 404-566-9249.

Photo: Getty Images