WATCH: Joe Jonas Surprises Jonas Brothers-Themed Cycling Class In Atlanta


Photo: Getty Images

Cyclers were “Burnin’ Up” in a SoulCycle class in Georgia, but they got a “Cool” surprise when a celebrity dropped in.

Joe Jonas posted a video to Instagram explaining how he found a “Jonas Brothers vs. One Direction” SoulCycle class — and what he did when he couldn’t reserve a spot in it:

“So, I’m in Atlanta, and I have an afternoon off and I Googled ‘workout classes,’ and just down the street there’s a SoulCycle, so I thought, ‘let me look online and see if there’s any classes available today.’
“At 3:45, there is a Jonas Brothers vs. One Direction music class. It is currently 3:21, so I’m gonna try to get in the class, but there’s a wait list. So, I think it’s either full or no one’s showing up, so I’m gonna call now.”

Jonas calls the studio on speakerphone, and the SoulCycle employee apparently doesn’t realize she’s talking to one of the Jonas Brothers when she clarifies to him that the class is full.

But that didn’t stop Jonas from heading to the studio anyway:

“So, I’m on my way over there right now. The class is sold out, but I’m gonna see if I can walk in and say hi to some people.”

Jonas apparently won the hearts of the surprised cyclers.

“Joe Jonas, everybody!” the instructor announced, stepping off her bike to let the pop star try his hand at the class. “We’re real right now. This is live! This is live!”

Watch the video here:

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