EXPOSED: Malcolm Kelley explains MKTO's hiatus

A few years ago, it was a pretty normal thing to have the guys of MKTO stop by the studio every couple months... then they disappeared. It wasn't totally unexplained or out of nowhere. They each had their own projects/passions to work on and Tony was going to get sober.

Now they're back with a new single and some new shows... and a new appearance on my show!

Malcolm called in to talk about what they've been doing, and if they've had to go to "couples therapy," as some groups who plan a comeback often do [like the Jonas Brothers].

"Naw, we just had to work on the [logistics], let people know we're coming back, hire new people," he said. "We were good. We've been doing this a while. We're professional."

We also talked about some fun stuff, like what he can't forget about certain moments of his past: His first job, his first time seeing a girl naked, and the first time being drunk. [Some of which I had to give him some crap about because of his answers.]

Listen to the whole thing below, along with their new song "How Can I Forget" and let me know if we should play it more!

Check out all of their previous appearances with me... from trying my stilts to playing Heads Up and calling them out for their fangirls, RIGHT HERE.

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