LISTEN: Caller tells elizabethany about waiting in the SNL x BTS line

Surely you know about BTS Army... the wildest fanbase I've ever witnessed. These people are dedicated. They don't just show up and scream and cry over their favorite guys. They travel all over the world. They do all the research and marketing for the band for free. They support each other. They organize each other. And now they camp out on the streets of NYC for a week to hopefully see the K-Pop guys inside the SNL studios.

It's fascinating to me. I love that they're so dedicated and that they make lifelong friends and memories with crazy things like this. Would I ever do it? Absolutely not. Do I think it's a fun story to tell for decades? Absolutely. So I had a LOT of questions for Leslie, who I found live-tweeting from the streets of NYC.

My tone is serious and not very reactionary because I'm honestly just taking it all in and trying to imagine what it's like to voluntarily be homeless in NYC for a week just to maybe have a slim chance of getting inside.

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