This Is The Most Popular Guy On Tik Tok And I Have No Clue How

So full disclosure I watched this video on mute so I have no idea what is being said. I only needed a video to show this guy because I am pretty sure he is the most popular dude on Tik Tok and I have no idea how... So here ya go this is what he does for videos.

So his name is Khaby Lame and he mostly makes reaction videos. But not just any reaction videos. This dude gets over 150 MILLIOn with an M views on some of his videos... Like how is this possible??? SHouldn't this guys face be everywhere? Wouldn't this make him the most popular person on the planet? We struggle to get 150 million people to vote in this country but somehow this guys is getting that many people to watch him debunk life hack videos. He literally never says a word. At least in his most popular videos. Like seriously, open your tik tok and check this dude out... IT'S WILD!