The Boys Say CROW.... Denise Says Rabbit ... ! What do you think?


1. That's a crow. 2. How's anyone still confused by how to say IMGUR?

Hey Denise... it's 2019 love. Let's get with it. 

IMGUR - 'image-er'. 

While I'm at it, here's a few other's you might have missed-

Reddit: 'Read-it'

Wikipedia: 'Wi-KI-pee-dee-ah'

Huawei: 'WAH-way'

Asus: 'A-soos'

Alibaba: 'Ali-baba'

PornHub: 'Porn-hub' 

Yup. Definitely sleeping on the couch tonight for that last one. 

Also- I was going to add Gif to the list but I'm honestly still confused there. I think it's 'Jif'? It doesn't really matter if I'm being honest because I can afford to raw like a BOSS. Image resolution game STRONG. 

And no. Zero chance that is a rabbit. Z-E-R-O. In fact, if you think that's a rabbit you need to MRI your brain stat. 

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